How to apply

Application form :

For the International Program Equivalence :
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For the International Propaedeutic Year  :
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  • International Propaedeutic Year (IPY) : baccalaureate level or equivalent diploma is required
  • International Equivalence Program (IEP): BA  level (at least 2 years of previous Academic studies in Fine Art or Design is required)
  • Double Degree ART + TECH : baccalaureate level or equivalent diploma is required

Recommended level of French : A2 or B1)

Application file

The application file, translated into French, is made up of the following documents (one pdf per document):

  • Copy of passport
  • Birth certificate (Certified Translation)
  • CV setting out the applicant’s experience to date and contact details (contact, date of birth, etc.)
  • Cover letter (in French or in English)

  • Copies of diplomas or certificates obtained by the applicant, with a certified  translation into French
  • Portfolio of the applicant’s artistic work (maximum 10 pages)
  • TCF, DELF, TEF certificate (proof of French level)

For the candidates of the International Preparatory Year, the artwork and general culture tests must also be submitted on the registration platform:


  •  Artwork : 2 subjects of your choice to be downloaded :  2 sujets au choix à télécharger.
  •  General knowledge test: Text presenting the relationship between the candidate's practice and tastes and the field of visual arts (works, artists) and other fields of artistic creation (cinema, performing arts, literature, etc.), approximately 1 A4 page, PDF format.
  •  Multiple choice questions in English (MCQ). Answer the questionnaire here :  Répondre au questionnaire ici.

Interview (admission test)

A 30-minute online interview  with a jury of 3 teachers.

  •  Presentation and commentary of the artwork and the general culture test
  •  General presentation of the candidate's artwork and portfolio
  •  Discussion with the jury about the candidate's motivations and project


Applicant registration:

Applications may also be registered on Campus Art, the platform run by Campus France: