Double Diploma DNA/Bachelor Art+Tech

New  Diploma - Double Diploma DNA/Bachelor Art + Tech  (3 years-Bachelor level)


This program is accessible to French and international students who have finished secondary studies level. During these three years, students will deal with all the media associated with imagery (photography, video, new media), installation (sculpture, modelling, casting, ceramics), painting, performance and printing (lithography, silkscreen, publishing), enhanced by theoretical seminars and practical learning of digital tools and techniques. The acquisition of cultural and critical background in the digital humanities. Digital technology is therefor placed at the heart of the student's career path, so that when they enter the professional world they will be able to take the role of actor, creator of digital technology, and not simply as consumers of its ever-widening uses.


Main subjects studied :

Practical art and methodological tools' workshops

Personal projects and research

History and philosophy of art

Digital Humanities, Big data, Industry 4.0

Sciences of life

French and English classes