Le Pont Supérieur
a school for the performing arts

Pont supérieur de Nantes  - Photo : LPS

Le Pont Supérieur trains artistes in the skills of performance and teaching in dance, music and drama. It is a higher arts education establishment supervised by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. It is involved in the European LMD System and has been awarded the ERASMUS label. The school is in western France (Brittany and Pays de la Loire regions), which is particularly active in the arts. Le Pont Supérieur is involved in both higher education and vocational training. Its courses are characterised by the highest artistic standards, an interdisciplinary approach between music and dance and projects that include different styles (classical, traditional, jazz, contemporary). Group workshops, artistic projects, individual lessons and master classes are regularly used to place the student in a professional situation.


Le Pont Supérieur in figures:

150 student dancers and musicians
150 trainees on vocational training: actors, dancers and musicians.
14 employees on the permanent staff
160 high-level guest artistes involved in the training
200 partners from the world of live performing arts in France and Europe

Courses lead to the following diplomas and professions:
Three courses leading to diplomas:
Higher national vocational diploma for performing musicians (DNSPM)
Government dance teacher diploma (DE)
Government music teacher diploma (DE)


Application arrangements

Level required

This level corresponds to the level of accomplishment – instrumental and/or vocal (music) or physical and sensitive (dance) – at the end of the initial training course (music academy, drama school, dance school) or of substantial experience as a self-taught performer.

Minimum recommended level in French A2/B1

The artistic file should contain:


  • Music file: a video presenting a 20-minute musical programme
  • Dance file
    • a video presenting a performance of an “imposed” variation communicated via an Internet link (YouTube, Viméo, Dailymotion)
    • a video presenting a personal choreography that may make use of other arts
    • a text in which the applicant talks about the place of dance in his/her self-expression, sensory manifestation, view of the world, of humanity, of the role that art and dance play in his/her relationship with him/herself and others, and in society.


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