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NEW!  Call for applications 2021/2022

NANTES SAINT-NAZAIRE  Beaux-Arts international
                                             art  &  design

Beaux-Arts International includes three training courses at the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Art designed for international students.


Année Preupédeutique Internationale API (Foundation Year) is aimed at students who have passed the baccalaureate, graduated from secondary education (lycée) or equivalent. The courses combine artistic subjects and French language upgrading skills. This year is equivalent to an L1 or integrated preparatory class and prepares students for entry into an L2 at the Nantes Saint-Nazaire school of Art or for entry into other higher schools of art and design in France and Europe.


Programme International Equivalence (PIE) prepares students for parallel admissions to advanced schools of art and design in France and in Europe, associating speciality courses, personalized accompaniment with intensive upgrading in the French language.


Created in 1904, the Nantes Saint-Nazaire School of Art is located in the heart of a very active cultural and artistic region in France, just a two-hour train ride from Paris: it has a major Arts Museum, Le Voyage à Nantes, le lieu unique, the Frac des Pays de la Loire, the Grand T, Le Grand Café and le LiFE in Saint-Nazaire… All essential for preparing art students to become tomorrow’s artists.

If you’re an international student and would like to study art or design in France, Nantes Saint-Nazaire Beaux-arts international offers:

  •      A programme connected to a network of higher education schools in Nantes, Europe and around the world ;
  •     State-of-the-art technical facilities, including a 9,000 m² building on the Ile de Nantes with more than 4,300 m² of workshops.
  •     A tailor-made accompaniment around your artistic project;
  •     Intensive language training adapted to your level;
  •     A stimulating artistic and cultural environment;
  •     A rich pedagogical team of guest artists and professionals.


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10 reasons for coming to study in Nantes

  1. A city on a human scale
  2. A city of designers and artists, a new "Quartier de la Création" on the Ile de Nantes
  3. Artworks in public space, urban and natural
  4. An vibrant student life with over 6000 international students among a total of 58,000 students
  5. A rich cultural life: exhibitions, the performing arts, concerts…
  6. A green city on the banks of the Loire: green spaces, public transportation, bike paths, etc.
  7. A pleasant and stunning night life
  8. Just 1 hour from the Atlantic beaches
  9. 2 hours from Paris by train
  10. A mild, pleasant climate with 1956 hours of sunshine a year